Vandal: A Bowery Hot-Spot Permanently Closes

When finally gearing up to write a feature on 'Vandal' (almost 2 years later), I've come to realize that this Bowery hot spot has permanently closed. Overpriced and a little quirky, this restaurant was definitely a space to visit more for the atmosphere than for a high quality meal.

Back when I was interning at Refinery29, a few friends and I decided to drop in for a drink after work one day and see what the hype was about. This addition to the lineup of TAO restaurants/bars popping up around Manhattan was featured all over sultry instagram posts and "must visit" lists for those who cared about keeping up with a trendy social scene in the city. We found it to be unique, but a bit too far out of our norm. We really couldn't look past the overpriced yet painfully mediocre cocktails and appetizers we ordered.

I'm not sure why the restaurant has closed, but regardless -- I hope you enjoy looking through my photos below of this strange dining experience!