The Cowfish® Sushi Burger Bar

When looking for dinner suggestions near Universal, a friend of mine who lives locally in Orlando was eager to suggest Cowfish (located in Universal's City-walk). She boasted about how amazing the food was and after checking out the ecclectic mix of burgers and sushi on the menu, I was definitely intrigued. Dan and I were able to walk up to the check-in desk outside the restaurant around lunchtime day-of and secure a 6pm dinner reservation with no hassle. I imagine it's probably busier during certain times of year and a walk-up list around dinner time would probably lead to a longer wait.

I had a hard time choosing which meal route to take -- burger or sushi -- but ultimately landed on sushi. It was THE RIGHT CHOICE. I am happy to report that this was some of the best sushi I've had in years and I do mean that quite literally. I ordered the Georgia Roll and the flavors were exquisite!

**Georgia Roll - $18.00

Tempura shrimp, kani inside, coated with tempura flakes. Topped with yellowfin tuna, eel and sweet eel sauce. Served with a side of spicy mayo

Throughout our travels and mini adventures, Dan has developed a (smart) habit of asking our servers at each restaurant what they like best on the menu, or what the most popular dish is. Our waiter recommended the burger sushi, pointing out that this unique menu item is a fan-favorite and isn't found anywhere else. Dan happily ordered that and his meal was one of a kind (and yes, of course I tried some of his too).

*The All-American Bacon Double Cheeseburgooshi - $17.00

Seasoned premium black angus beef, yellow cheddar cheese, white cheddar cheese, and applewood bacon wrapped in soy paper and potato strings then flash fried. Topped with dill pickle, red onion, Roma tomato, served over our housemade Cowfish sauce, topped with ketchup and mustard

If you're looking for a tasty dinner spot that won't break the bank, but WILL leave a lasting impression -- this is the place for you.

My wonderful Orlando expert friend (follow @itsmichellelaine) also let me know that parking at Universal City Walk is free after 6pm! This means that you don't even really need to be going for a full park day to justify parking costs. You can make a reservation ahead of time for after 6pm and enjoy a nice date night here as well.