Small Shop Spotlight 2020

It's always a great time to shop local, but with the events that have taken place over the last few months, our favorite handmade and local shops need our support now more than ever.

I've enlisted the help of friends, family, and social media followers to share all of their favorite small shops with me to combine into a structured list. My hope is that this 'small shop spotlight' will be a helpful resource to use any time of the year, but especially for the upcoming Christmas season!

I've done my best to research each of these shops and split them into various categories to keep things organized.

I hope you all find this list helpful and potentially even find a new favorite shop from it! Let me know if you have any good additions-- I'd love to keep this as a running list.


-Degna Boutique

-Maison Soleil

-Surge and Co.

-Stewart Avenue


-Made by Mazna

-Kitsch Handmade

-Bellas Bubbly Beauty

-Thread Bender

-Little Lemon Leaf

-Foster Jewelry

-My Fair Ellie

-Livs Beaded Magic


-Park Candy

-Heigh Ho Design Co.

-Three Wishes Co. Designs

-Beauty and the Tee

-Beyond the Gift Shop

-Oh So Fabulous

-Livs Beaded Magic


-Kobros Coffee

-ACME Coffee


-Diaspora Co.

-Jody's Gourmet Popcorn

-Noms Bake Shop


-Designed by Shea




-Otis and Millie

-Cardboard Alien

-Maq Makes Art


-The Flippin Flea: Williamsburg

-Lazy Daisy

-Spray on the Glitter

-Moss Pointe Co.

-A. Dodson's

-Bear Ceramics

-Chic's Attic