On December 4th, M and I along with his parents got all dressed up to see the Radio City Rockettes Christmas Spectacular. We went to a charming little Italian restaurant in the Upper East Side where I started with some grilled Halloumi cheese and then had a Gnocchi dish with truffle oil. AMAZING.

We actually thought we were going to be late because after dinner, we decided to take a cab to avoid the cold and the crowds but traffic was so bad that we were only making it about one block every 5 minutes. With about 45 minutes until show time, we got out and basically ran to radio city, M so many yards in front of us— and quickly picked up our tickets from will call. The lobby that we entered into was grand and beautiful, donning a huge crystal tree hanging from the high ceilings, and the smell of popcorn wafting from the various snack and merchandise stands lining the wall.

When we got into the theatre, the usher showed us to our row in the orchestra area. We had gotten so lucky with seats— getting a great spot and discounted tickets courtesy of a family friend who had worked at the box office. We were only about 10 rows back from the stage and only slightly off center to the left side. We were walked through the show from scene to scene by Santa himself who narrated the entire show and got everyone excited when the Rockettes kicked the show off dressed as Santas reindeer and landed everyone in snowy NYC.

There were obviously a few show favorites of mine…SPOILER ALERT.

One of the greatest scenes for me was when the curtain lifted only up to the womens stomachs and we just saw their legs all uniform and staying in perfect sync. I also loved the scene where they were dancing on the bus as it was driving throughout NYC (with the city landscape moving alongside the bus on the back screen). I felt like I was really driving through the city! I think the fact that it was so themed to NYC was a nice touch to me. Im sure most people expect this, but being new to the city and still finding my place, it was nice to see such a spectacular display completely focused on spotlighting and showing off this crazy (yet amazing city)!

Needless to say— we loved the show. It was a perfect way to kick off December and it definitely got us all into the holiday spirit.

We decided to do an optional add-on with our tickets. I believe it cost about $20 extra- and with this we were able to get a stage door tour of the building! We did this during the daytime and queued up outside the studio for a few minutes before being grouped off and sent into a completely full elevator up to the main floor.

We learned all kinds of interesting history throughout this tour about the Rockefeller center and Radio City Music Hall. We got to go into different backstage rooms that housed various costume designs, original furniture from the theatre from before the restoration process and even got to meet one of the current Radio City Rockettes!

I learned that the Rockettes have been performing at Radio City since 1932 and that every single year the members of the dance team had to re-audition to secure their spot. I found the tour to be super interesting and a great addition to the show.

If you’re in New York City around the holidays, this show and tour are a MUST.