Our Weekend in Baltimore

What we did, where we stayed and what we'll plan to do next time!

We planned a pretty last minute weekend trip to Baltimore last month to visit some friends in the area. It was my first time in the city and I enjoyed being able to safely spend a weekend out of town. Because our main focus of the trip was to visit friends, we didn't do too many activities out of the house. Also the options are really limited right now with Covid-19 precautions. But below I shared some of the things we did do and some of the things we plan to do (based on local and researched recommendations) next time we're in town!



The first night we were in town, we stayed at Maddie and Ankit's house -- so we were blessed with a wonderful home cooked pasta dinner! But we did do breakfast the next morning and dinner the next night out.

Sam's Bagels

A small, no-frills corner bagel shop was the absolute perfect place for the low-key breakfast that we were all wanting. Sam's Bagels offers a huge selection of bagel options and breakfast sandwiches as well as both regular or iced coffee (Which definitely hit the spot). We actually enjoyed it so much that Dan and I got breakfast there again the following morning. I had the bacon egg and cheese breakfast sandwich on an egg bagel the first day and a cinnamon raison bagel with peanut butter the second. Both were GREAT, and it reminded me of the simple joy I felt when walking into a New York bagel shop or UWS deli and taking that first bite!

Angie's Seafood

Dinner the second night was a bit of a challenge, as indoor dining was currently banned in the Baltimore area. We were staying in a hotel that night to visit a friend of Dan's and luckily we'd managed to get a room with a separate living/dining area for seating. We ordered Angie's Seafood for takeout and took it back to our hotel room to eat. I ordered the calamari, as I was still pretty full from lunch and both Dan and his friend got the jumbo lump crab cake! My calamari was a bit overly-battered, but they both spoke highly of their meals. So I'd say this spot is probably good if you avoid the fried options on the menu!

Other Food Recommendations:

We were only in Baltimore for 3 days and some of that was driving time, so we weren't able to explore too many food options, but we did get these recommendations from local friends to try out next time!

  • Phillips Seafood (Inner Harbor)

  • Shoyou Sushi

  • 3 Bean Coffee By Vagrant Coffee

  • B More Licks



Visiting Maddie was great because she got to show us her neighborhood which was adorable! The charming brick buildings give the area around Capitol Hill so much character and I loved that many of them still had their Christmas lights up. We spent most of the trip at their house playing board games and catching up, but did do a few outings!

The Guinness Brewery

Although I myself don't drink beer (I was the DD), I enjoyed exploring the Guinness Brewery just outside of the downtown area. We didn't do the tour, but that's an option you can choose to participate in with a little planning. The brewery itself is huge with a large indoor area, gift shop and a massive outdoor hangout space. I imagine in non-covid times, the grassy area with fire-pits is probably packed. But I thought the brewery did a great job of distancing out the tables, cleaning and making all of the ordering mobile through their website! If you're a beer-drinker, you'll definitely want to add this outing to your Baltimore Itinerary.

Federal Hill

While it was SUPER cold during our visit, I really liked walking around Federal Hill and taking in the views from the top. During warmer months, this would be the perfect place for a picnic although I think it's great for fresh air any time of the year. There are also a handful of interesting statues to check out.

Other Activity Recommendations:

  • The National Aquarium

  • Walk around the Inner Harbor

  • American Visionary Art Museum

  • Patapsco Valley State Park

  • Fort McHenry National Monument




This small boutique-style shop is filled with an array of beautiful plants for sale. Dan and I actually picked out a small one for our apartment while we were here. The owner's cat was also roaming the shop and jumped up on the counter to greet us while we were checking out!

Other Shop Recommendations:

  • Vanessa Vintage Treasures



We ended up stayed at a Marriott in the heart of Baltimore and it was PRETTY BAD in all honesty. The room smelled like smoke, the interior doors wouldn’t shut, the shower pressure was a slow drip and everything just felt kind of dirty. With that being said— I’m definitely not going to recommend you staying there.

There are a handful of affordable options that seem like a good stay on Airbnb, so definitely search there! I linked a cool one with good reviews for you below.