Livs Beaded Magic

If you're looking for a small shop to support that will provide you with some magical accessories, I've got just the one for you! My friend Olivia -- a Disney-loving content creator from Austin -- recently started a small businesses on Etsy. She hand-makes beautiful beaded bracelets inspired by some of the most beloved Disney characters and movies.

Her business has been growing and with that, her creations have expanded! I personally don't leave the house without one of her bracelets on, because they genuinely make me smile every time I look at them. If you're someone who gets joy from Disney, then you'll see why these bracelets feel like you're carrying a little piece of Disney Magic with you everywhere you go.

While her Etsy shop is currently on a short break, you can find some of her past creations through her store's instagram page: @livsbeadedmagic. She's currently working on refreshing her inventory and will be back soon! I encourage everyone to SHOP SMALL and support this hardworking creator and her amazing products. If you're anything like me, you'll love the magic in the details!