Kicking off my Social Media career with

I am happy to report that this blog post is my official celebration of one month with Costar (or more specifically -- Throughout this first month I have been welcomed, supported and surrounded by talented and creative individuals with a passion for marketing. I've been able to put my Media Arts and Design degree to use for the very first time in an independent role that requires no assisting of those more senior to me. I have a full portfolio of my own clients and with those, my own responsibilities and the growth feels amazing.

Things have taken such a positive turn in my career in such a short span of time, it almost makes the past year of hardship feel like a blur. My daily work life felt like a constant uphill battle since the day I left New York -- working in roles and for companies that didn't align with my goals. It was bumpy, but ultimately worth it.

Along with the bumps, I gained new skills. Skills that I wouldn't have developed without these shaping experiences. I was able to build upon the resilient shell I grew while living and working in New York City (as a very non-city girl). I've learned what I need out of a team and how much I can grow (in even just a month) under a good leader and supportive upper management. It is with hesitancy from past experiences -- but excitement for the future -- that I feel like I'm finally able to put down roots in a company that sees my skills/ambition and seeks to grow me in my career. I am so proud to be a part of this team.

For those who feel stuck in their career right now, I urge you to consider your happiness above all else. Above the expectations of your friends and families. Above the scrutiny and judgement of coworkers, for 'veering off course.' Consider it even above the idea that you had for yourself, back when you graduated college and initially set your five year plan. My plan for what I thought I'd be doing by now has changed again and again. I'm proud to say that my experiences over the last few years have directly shifted my priorities for the better.

Don't stay in a role, a company or even a field that doesn't bring you joy. We have bills to pay, but life is way too short to be miserable every day. Trust me -- it may be hard for awhile and it may take longer than you'd expect to find your footing again (it sure did for me), but it WILL be worth it in the end.

Follow your heart, trust your gut and do the next right thing...for you. I'm so happy I did!