Hey, it's been awhile...

I can't believe we're already halfway through 2021. With a full-time marketing job and a brand new business keeping my plate full, I've let Blogging fall on the back burner. But lately, I've been missing the creative outlet of writing. Don't get me wrong -- running a creative business and working on client projects/networking is A LOT of fun for me and very rewarding. But there's something different about writing for the sole purpose of fulfilling a passion and not for financial gain. So now that I have a few free moments, I'd like to share some updates!

Life seems to be moving quickly these days and as vaccines are being more widely distributed, Virginia is opening back up. With that big change, I've started making plans again with friends, family and even just for myself to get out of the house more. It's something I've been desperate for (as I'm sure most of us have), but now that it's here I'm feeling antsy. I've been reflecting a lot on my life and goals over the last five months and feel like I'm in so much better of a place than I was even just this last December.

But something in me has changed during these months in quarantine. Potentially the biggest shift being the way that I look at my day-to-day life and how I want to feel about it. I no longer want to stretch myself thin for a career path that looks good on paper or take a passive role in my own life. I'm proud to say that I hold new things at a higher value. Things like passion for the work I do and create, happiness in my day-to-day life and prioritizing my family and relationships. Focusing on my mental wellbeing has definitely become a new focus of mine as well, and I've been learning how to set stronger boundaries this year. If anything, I think we can all agree that the pandemic has put things into perspective for us all.

Now that life is unfolding before me again and I'm beginning to test the waters with re-entering society, I plan to write again more regularly. I want to get back to engaging with my hobby more regularly and sharing the places and experiences I love in my home state of Virginia (and beyond)!

This was a quick blurb and I plan to share more soon -- specifically highlighting some outings we've done and the growth of my business. So stay tuned and thank you as always for being so supportive and following along on my journey.