Goodbye Jan - Hello Feb


When 2021 kicked off, I resolved to go into this new year with a new mindset. Which is something many people say, but few follow through with. I myself have fallen into this category on countless occasions. But I didn't just want a new mindset, I needed a new mindset. 2020 left a toxic mark on my mental health and I knew this year had to be different.

Shifting my focus to optimism as I started the job application process again -- I felt lighter, happier and more focused. And as if the universe felt the change in me, so followed a change in my situation -- and I landed a job in the exact field I'd spent months hoping for. I started on January 25th and just finished up my first week. As January comes to a close, I'm in some sort of awe with how this first month of 2021 has wrapped up. So many crazy things have already happened in the landscape of America - some bad and some good and while it feels like a long span of time, it also flew by. All I can do now is be thankful and hopeful, looking forward.


  • -NYE at home with Dan cooking a lovely pot-roast dinner

  • Coffee & Creativity at Coalescence

  • Walking around Pungo

  • Making Beignets with Dan

  • Visiting Maddie and Ankit in Baltimore

  • Guiness Brewery Visit

  • Getting offered a marketing job

  • NFK Restaurant Week : Freemason Abbey

  • First snow of the season

  • A SUCCESSFUL first week of work!



Now the month of love is upon us, and while so many view this time of year with a pessimistic lens, I've always felt quite the opposite. Whether single or in a relationship, I've always looked at the month of February -- and valentines day -- as an opportunity to express my love and appreciation for a range of people in my life, not exclusively romantic partners. I believe that while it's definitely over-commercialized, February can be a cheerful month to truly focus on gratitude and optimism for what and who we have in our lives.

This February is especially meaningful to me, because it marks 1 year of my incredible relationship with Dan and ironically enough also almost one year of pandemic life in America. While those two things maybe don't correlate to most people, to me they are both things that make me approach this 'season of love' with a stronger gratitude than Februaries of the past.

This February, I am full of love for:

  • The happy and healthy relationship I'm building with Dan

  • My home state of Virginia and being somewhere that makes me feel safe and comfortable

  • My family. I love them so much and living nearby has been a blessing

  • My dearest friends who've encouraged me, loved me, and supported me through a rollercoaster of a year

  • My new work team who took a chance on me, and have given me the gift of employment and ease of financial strain

  • The little daily things that remind me of the magic in the world

I'm hoping that this month continues to be full of meaningful moments big and small, positive growth in my life and the lives of those I love dearly, and a period of positive pushes forward for the world as a whole. Happy February everyone <3