DVC 30th Anniversary Scavenger Hunt

Prior to our recent Disney trip, my family read about a limited time scavenger hunt running throughout the parks for Disney Vacation Club members. Having been members since I was in middle school, I'm always eager to take advantage of exclusive offerings and perks, so we knew that we wanted to try to participate as a family. The scavenger is in celebration of The DVC's 30th Anniversary and offers those who participate a chance to collect a series of exclusive mini buttons in each of the parks. Each of the buttons has a character pertaining to that parks theming and I've listed them below.

  • Fairy Godmother (Magic Kingdom)

  • Simba and Nala (Animal Kingdom)

  • The little green Toy Story Alien (Hollywood Studios)

  • Figment (Epcot)

  • AND... An additional button in Epcot featuring Luca to celebrate the newest Pixar films recent release.

The scavenger hunt is made up of a series of "selfie spots" that you have to locate based on the clues they give you on the website. Each of the parks have five photo spots that you have to locate to receive the button and in Epcot, there's six to account for the additional Luca button. Through the site, you can take your selfies and upload them (adding a themed sticker if you choose) and check off that spot until you have all of them completed. Once all five are completed, you select the "claim your prize" button and are instructed to find one of the DVC boths within the park to visit and collect your button.

One thing to keep in mind is the closing time/location of the DVC booths within the park you're visiting! It makes sense to start from the farthest one and work back for instance, if the booth is at the front of the park. A lot of the booths closed around 6pm when we were there, so keep track of the time so you don't put in a ton of work then miss the chance to get your prize!

We all really enjoyed this activity because it was a nice break from the crowds and attractions. We felt like sleuths trying to track down some of the harder ones and enjoyed the thrill of finding them after long periods of searching. Dan and I successfully collected all five buttons and agreed that it was one of our favorite activities to do together during the trip!

In order to play, you have to visit one of the DVC kiosks and scan the QR code the provide for the game. Once you have the website open on your first park day, I highly encourage you to keep the page bookmarked for the duration of your trip. This way you can easily start playing in each new park without having to seek out a booth. I hope you enjoy this activity as much as we did! Happy hunting! xx Han