Cure Coffeehouse

Cure coffeehouse was founded in 2011 and its original shop sits on a historic street in the Freemason area of downtown Norfolk. This coffee spot is a great place to visit on a quiet weekend morning when you want to enjoy your cup of coffee in peace. Every time I've had the chance to visit and stay for awhile, I've enjoyed the fact that it never gets too busy or loud.

Because of current social distancing rules, the capacity of the shop is limited and seating is first come, first serve. Norfolk is full of early-risers, so you really have to get up early if you want to find a table in any coffee shop and stay awhile. The atmosphere in Cure is definitely minimalist in terms of decor, but I find that's something that gives it charm. It's simple!

They have coffee, tea, wine, craft beer and even a food menu. Fair warning though-- the food is a bit pricey for what you're getting. We typically pass up the food and go for a less expensive -- yet equally satisfying -- breakfast somewhere like Chelsea Bakehouse, then stop by Cure for a cup of coffee or tea. My favorite on their current menu is the peach iced tea, slightly sweetened and Dan always goes for a Latte!

Cure also runs social events such as open mic nights and an annual Galentines day lineup with specialty foods and activities. This year, those offerings may be slightly limited -- but definitely check out their website HERE to stay up to date with any changes to their usual lineup.