Coalescence Coffee

Coalescence coffee is a beautiful and airy establishment tucked within an industrial street in the railroad district. I just recently had the chance to try it out for the first time and I think I can honestly say that they have my favorite cup of coffee in Norfolk.

Not only is their coffee great and their staff friendly-- but Coalescence is a non-profit shop that's primary mission is to build up community in the area. Below is just a small sliver of the inspiring values and mission statements found on their website.

COALESCENCE: the joining or merging of elements to form one whole.

"Belongingness is 'the human emotional need to be an accepted and valued member of a group'. We want everyone to know that you, whoever and wherever you are, belong at Coalescence and we want to embrace you into our community."

I'm not sure about you, but I feel happier knowing that i'm able to both enjoy and support a local business with a welcoming environment, who genuinely practices what they preach.

The shop doubles as an event space to promote gathering and community building, which is evident through the events they've already held in just the short time that they've been open. Dan and I had the chance to visit their Christmas Market last night and were thrilled by the caliber of incredibly talented local artists and vendors that showed up to sell their products. That, coupled with their standard welcoming atmosphere and beautiful Christmas classics played by a festive orchestra made it an uplifting night that we wont soon forget.

They also have run a cookie decorating course for the holidays and various yoga classes that all have been partnered with local businesses and instructors.

Sometimes you walk into a coffee shop and can feel out of place, but that truly isn't the case here. Coalescence welcomes everyone! Their baristas have been very friendly and approachable every time we've visited and both their drinks and baked goods are clearly crafted with love -- everything is delicious!

If you live in Virginia or are just passing through the area, you'd truly be missing out if you didn't stop in to grab a Coalescence coffee in Norfolk. I promise, you wont be disappointed!