ClassPass 101


What is ClassPass:

I have used class pass on and off over the last year living in Manhattan. I've seen how beneficial it can be for trying out various studios and services in the city for an affordable price.

A lot of Boutique studios in New York City have steep monthly memberships and not all of those even allow members to visit other branches of the SAME company. For those who want to try out different types of classes/studios without the monthly membership, it can be hard to justify $20-$30 one-off classes for drop-ins. Insert ClassPass, the city-goers dream membership. Users can choose various monthly plans ranging from $19-$200.


I obviously have tried out the lower end of monthly costs ($49/month is the one I did), and have found it to even out to more classes taken, than if I were to purchase one-off classes. For $49 monthly, you can book anywhere from 1-7 classes or sessions depending on the studio, day, type of class or service rendered. Here is a breakdown of what the monthly prices can get you (ROUGHLY):

$19- 10 Credits (Up to 2 classes)

$49- 27 Credits (Up to 7 classes)

$79- 45 Credits (Up to 12 classes)

$159- 100 Credits (Up to 28 classes)

$199- 130 Credits (Up to 36 classes)

So while some of these prices can seem intense, they end up being way better than if you pay for all of these boutique/studio classes individually.

What services are offered?

There is a super large pool of classes/studios and services offered through a ClassPass membership. Just to name A FEW...








-Martial Arts

-Gym Sessions






The list honestly goes on and on. But you catch my drift...there's A LOT offered.


Ok, ok. So how do you get a free massage Han?

ClassPass allows users a free month long trial. Some people would use this trial to start checking out fitness classes. I have to say-- that's totally great for them, but that's not what I did. I used my first free month to lock in a hour long Swedish massage, because we all deserve to feel a little pampered sometimes, am I right? (Yes, yes I am). Anyways!

Most people choose to roll into a monthly membership after their free trial month, because lets be honest-- this is a really great service and a solid way to explore fitness classes in the area. But if you decide after looking at the studio offerings, times that work with your schedule, etc. etc...that you don't want to continue, you can cancel your membership any time during your trial month to avoid rolling into your next paid month. Cancellation is free of charge and if that's the route you take-- WA LA, free massage! (I mean, regardless, it's still free even if you continue your service).

*Keep in mind, if you cancel your membership with ClassPass, then decide to re-join at a later date, you do have to pay a fee to restart your account!*

Things I like about ClassPass:

There are obviously many pro's to this service, that I've listed above. One of the things I particularly like, is the flexibility in picking a price-point that works for you. This allows the service to be accessible to a lot more young people in the city. I also like that there is a wide variety in services, and that it isn't solely tailored to fitness, but to wellness in general.

Things I don't like about ClassPass:

One of the things I found to be slightly annoying with ClassPass is the flexibility that I had to have a user. Not all boutique studios participate in this membership, so a lot of the classes that ended up working for my schedule, were located in areas of the city that were out of the way of my daily commute/routine. So this is one thing that you could look at and consider during a trial month-- if it makes sense for you, based on the types of classes you're looking for and locations!

*Click HERE to sign up for your free trial and to check out the services offered!*