A Day in Williamsburg

I want to start with a slight disclaimer -- that this is in no way a comprehensive list or area guide to the beautiful city of Williamsburg. Dan and I have much more that we want to explore in the area, so I'll make a travel guide once I have more recommendations and experiences! In the meantime however, I thought it'd be fun to share a few of the simple adventures we had the other day while visiting. At the least, may it inspire you to get out of your area for the day and explore somewhere nearby (adventure isn't reserved strictly for far-away travel).

Since we're traveling out of state soon on a somewhat costly trip, we wanted to be budget-conscious while still getting out of our area for the day. Now that the world is opening back up, we're trying to make an effort to explore more than lockdown permitted over the last year. Williamsburg came to mind, as it's only about an hour drive from Norfolk. We set our GPS and our sights on lunch and were on our way!

Our initial plan was to get lunch at Josiah Chowning's Tavern in the heart of Colonial Williamsburg. We were definitely attempting to lean into the colonial vibe! Unfortunately for us, that particular eatery didn't allow reservations and their walk-in list was full. So we searched around the web and found Culture Cafe on a list of worthy places to stop for a bite. The service was a bit slow, but the food and eclectic atmosphere made up for that. I got the Culture Burger with mushrooms and Dan got the open-faced Chicken Tikka sandwich (called 'Frankie Goes to Bollywood'). Both of us were legitimately blown away by how mouthwatering everything was.

Once we finished eating, we backtracked to a road we'd passed on our way to Culture Cafe. This particular street was full of little shops and beautiful classic architecture -- donning patios of people happily enjoying lunch. We came across the Williamsburg Winery Tasting Room about midway down the street and decided to stop and enjoy a casual tasting on their front patio.

This tasting room can easily be missed, as the entrance is small and the room itself is tucked away on the second floor loft of a very unassuming building. But I highly encourage this stop if you're in the area. The weather was absolutely beautiful and the flights we chose were great! I happen to prefer sweeter and less-dry wines, so I went with the dessert flight, while Dan sipped on an assortment of whites.

After spending about an hour enjoying our wines and people-watching, we continued exploring the street and ducked into a cute and upscale shop called Brick & Vine. I left with a postcard for our travel collection and Dan found a cozy green t-shirt and a bottle of mead (yuck). We leisurely poked around in an espresso bar and the local candy shop, which was far too crowded (but worth grabbing some fudge on a slower day). As we made our way back to the car, we took in the architecture and greenery of the area, which was a pretty big contrast from Norfolk. Dan even spotted (and pet) a horse along the fence of a pasture by our car.

Our last stop for the day was more of a last minute decision, but somewhere that has been on Dan's list to visit for quite awhile -- The Virginia Beer Company. Although I don't drink beer, it was nice to experience an open-air brewery in an area other than our local go-to's in Norfolk. There was a musician performing and we sat at a picnic table next to the friendliest black labradoodle (I want one now). A relaxing end to a nice day in Williamsburg!

Thanks for sharing in our little spur-of-the-moment adventure to Williamsburg and stay tuned for a more comprehensive travel guide soon!